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PilRC is a Palm OS resource compiler. This is a tool that turns a textual description of Palm OS forms, bitmaps, fonts, and other resources into a binary form that can be included in an application or library. The name is derived from "PILot Resource Compiler". This tool is used with many popular Palm OS development tools, including prc-tools and CodeWarrior for Palm OS.

The project is currently maintained on SourceForge.net in http://sourceforge.net/projects/pilrc/. You can download the source code and pre-built binaries for several platforms on the SourceForge downloads page.

Mailing Lists

To keep up with PilRC's development, you should subscribe to the pilrc-developer mailing list. Archives are available to read online at the previous link.


PiLRC is made available under the GNU General Public License. This is an open source license that requires redistribution of the source code along with any modifications if you distribute a compiled version of the application.

Other Sites

Some of the PilRC maintainers have their own pages about PilRC, including Aaron Ardiri's PilRC site and Ben Combee's palmoswerks.com PiLRC page. Neil Rhodes maintains a variant of PilRC that can be built as a CodeWarrior plugin and outputs to Rez source files; his page is here.

PilRC, the resource compiler, should not be confused with PilRC Designer, a separate tool developed by Falch.net. PilRC Designer is a commercial editor for PiLRC-format source files. This editor is integrated into Falch.net Developer Studio for Palm OS, and it is also included, under license, with CodeWarrior for Palm OS version 9. The PilRC resource compiler development team does not maintain PiLRC Designer. You should contact the party that sold you PilRC Designer (Falch.net or Metrowerks) for support with this application.

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